How does gptify work?

gptify uses 2 things. First, the query uses openAI's text-davinci text model through their Node.js API. gptify also uses the Spotify API in order to create the playlist, and log users in.

Why is it so slow?

Due to openAI's popularity, the openAI servers occasionally get pretty busy which is a possible reason for the speed of this app.

Why does gptify use the text-davinci text model?

Currently the chatGPT model doesn't have an official API, so gptify would have to rely on some workarounds that aren't great.

Why didn't gptify find all the songs from the response

Currently gptify uses a basic regex expression to extract song names and their respective artists from the raw response. Hopefully there will be a better way to get these details soon.

Why did I only get X many songs?

There's a limit to how long a response from the openAI API can be, and occasionally that response is cutoff due to length.

Why do the results make no sense?

Sometimes the Large Language Model that I am using simply does not understand the inputs, and it just does its best to create a playlist. The limitation here is partly due to the fact that this model was trained on data that is not as recent as possible, and therefore tends to use older, more popular songs. Songs that have been written about more online are more likely to appear.